Well travelled art work.

It is interesting to work out how many kilometres each piece travels during it’s exhibiting lifetime.  Some paintings travel long distances and visit several destinations, while other paintings are sold on their very first viewing.  Some can be exhibited over several exhibitions and then take out a major prize when least expected.

Carmen and I have had some small successes in the last 6 months with our work being selected in different exhibitions, so our paintings have been travelling up and down the coast as well as inland to hang on regional art gallery walls.

In mid March I was advised, my painting titled ‘Katherine Gorge – NT’ had been selected as a finalist in the 2019 John Villiers Outback Art Prize, so this painting travelled 1,360 km to reach the gallery wall in Winton and is due to do the return journey any day now.


Carmen Beezley-Drake “Dawn at the Dry” Dam, oil on canvas


Both Carmen and I exhibited in the Mackay Art on Show 2019 with Carmen receiving a Commended award with her painting ‘The Dry Dam’. This painting had previously been exhibited in our joint exhibition in Brisbane in February, so it had travelled 1,230 km to and from Brisbane before making the journey to Mackay, another 336 km north of Rockhampton and then returned to Rockhampton, a total of 1,900 km. Let’s not even discuss the costs of sending work all around the state.

Carmen Beezley-Drake ‘Track to the Bore’ oil on canvas


Other news is that Carmen had her painting ‘Tracks to the Bore’ selected in the Bayton Awards 2019 at the Rockhampton Art Gallery and having not travelled outside Rockhampton, this glorious new painting, sold, with a total travelling distance of only a few kilometres.

You just never know what journey you or your art will take.

Joanne and Carmen


Artists Conversation

Carmen and I had our ‘Artist Conversation’ at our Visual Fragments exhibition at the Rockhampton Art Gallery last Saturday (3 February 2018) and were delighted to see so many visitors who came along. It was a very wet day in Rockhampton, but even that didn’t stop our keen audience from attending.  We were pleased with … Continue reading

Fragmented glimpses!

Visual Fragments: New work by Carmen Beezley-Drake and Joanne Kerr explores personal memories associated with place. Drawing on familiar scenes and fractured memories, the artists re-cast Rockhampton’s built and natural environments in watercolour, acrylic and collage. This is the opening statement  from the Rockhampton Art Gallery website for our new exhibition ‘Visual Fragments’.  The exhibition opened … Continue reading

Ready to hang!

Carmen and I have been very busy these last few weeks, completing works for our exhibition titled “Visual Fragments: New work by Carmen Beezley-Drake and Joanne Kerr”. It has been an exhausting time completing the work, but rewarding to see it all together. We had several deadlines to meet- the first was last Friday 17th November … Continue reading

New Exhibition in January 2018

Our exhibition titled ‘Fragmented Images’ at the Rockhampton Art Gallery in Central Queensland has been confirmed for January 2018.  While we are thrilled, after the long wait we have had, now the real work begins. We have deadlines that are a bit scary – all art work to be delivered by mid- November. So we … Continue reading

Paintings selected!

'Across the valley' oil 100cm x 100cm

‘Across the valley’ oil 100cm x 100cm

“Across the Valley” is off to Winton, having been selected for The John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show 2013.  The John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show  is run annually always with a theme, 2013 being ‘Outback Legends, Outback Landscapes’. This exhibition opens on 17th  May.

Themes can sometimes be tricky, as I tend not to paint to these, usually working from sketches I have done previously. However this painting “Across the Valley” an oil of Hughenden area, done from sketches while doing koala research in the district was, I thought, suitable for this exhibition. I guess the judges thought so too!

'Western Ranges' Watercolour & acrylic   92cm x 97cm

‘Western Ranges’ Watercolour & acrylic 92cm x 97cm

“Western Ranges” a watercolour/acrylic will be hanging here in the Rockhampton Art Gallery, having been selected for the Bayton Award 2013. The Bayton Award for Central Queensland artists is a biennial, non-acquisitive prize celebrating the diversity and excitement of visual arts in Central Queensland. Bishop Bayton resided in Rockhampton and served as the Dean of the Anglican Church for many years. During those years he was very involved in the promotion of the arts in Rockhampton.The award is restricted to artists in Central Queensland.

“Western Ranges” is painting  also from sketches done while travelling on the Midlander to Barcaldine where the train slowly winds in and around the Drummond Range.

Yours in art, Carmen