Under the spotlight

Artists Carmen Beezley-Drake and Joanne Kerr in front of Carmen's work 'Beach Frolic'imageFreya Cronin , Aaron Miller and Edward Kerr enjoying art work at 'Perceptions of Place' opening night.imageCarmen Beezley-Drake and Britha PolkinghorneWith the Opening night behind us we are looking to other art exploits.  The exhibition was a great success with sales and positive comments from our many visitors. The photos from Opening night show the gallery space which was broken into four rooms which worked better than we had anticipated.  We hung the work in groupings that interspersed our work, rather than Carmen’s work in one room and mine in another.  This seemed to work well and is always surprising where we can find connections of subject,style and media.



Perceptions of Place an art exhibition

Perceptions of Place invite


With our exhibition coming up, both Carmen and I are frantically busy. Cyclone Marcia hitting Rockhampton certainly didn’t help with the stress levels, but Carmen was fortunately organized and had her paintings already delivered to Brisbane. Things are moving at a pace now with only days until we are hanging our work.

Cheers, Joanne

The excitement of charcoal!

I have always been a big fan of charcoal and messy though it is, its feel and sound as you drag it across the paper is rewarding. So after attending a drawing workshop with charcoal, I have been doing some works using it with collage. Still obsessed with the Gymea Lily, these drawings explore charcoal … Continue reading

Blooming now!

In its full beauty my Queensland Spear lily has gradually but finally opened all its flowers. Looking magnificent it draws birds to its nectar. I am so delighted with this plant and have done several drawings and a couple of lino prints of it so far. Cheers, Joanne

Lino etching

I started this lino etch while the frogs were croaking and rain was still falling.  But now we seem to be back to the hot weather, at least for the moment. I have used the frog image to experiment with caustic soda as a means of etching into lino rather than carving.  Quite happy with the results particularly on the branches that he is sitting on.  It does require some time waiting for each etch to bite into the lino, and you are not always sure how deep it is etching, but interesting effects to be gained.

Here are the images as it progressed.

Cheers,  Joanne

Lino after several caustic soda etches.

Lino after several caustic soda etches.

Frog print after 1 colour.  The red print with drawing over it as I work out what I want in final print.

Frog print after 1 colour. The red print with drawing over it as I work out what I want in final print.

Frog print after 3 colours and 3 etches.

Frog print after 3 colours and 3 etches.

Lino print using caustic soda to etch

Final frog print

Frogs and rain

With the rain pouring down care of Cyclone Oswald, the collagraph I am working on seems quite appropriate.   (A collagraph is where textural materials like string, sand, card and paper are glued to a plate of heavy card and then printed through the press.  Sort of similar to how a rubbing is done.)  I really like … Continue reading