Finalists all around.

It has been a great couple of weeks with art exhibitions and competitions.  My painting, ‘Mt Morgan Dam No. 7’, has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Clayton Utz Art Award. The Award offers a $20,000 winner’s prize and exhibition space for the finalists and is awarded to an outstanding artwork by a Queensland-based artist, or an artist with a strong connection to Queensland. I am very pleased to be a finalist, with the exhibition running (and my work on display) from 24th September 2018 until 20 September 2019.

Joanne Kerr ‘Mt Morgan Dam No 7’ Acrylic, charcoal and collage on board


To continue the great news, Barcaldine Arts Council contacted me today to inform me that my work on paper titled ‘View from Ubirr Rock – NT’ was awarded the Best Overall Painting in the 2018 Barcaldine Art Exhibition.

Joanne Kerr ‘View from Ubirr Rock – NT’ Collage, watercolour, crayon and pencil on paper


This painting is one of several works on paper that form a body of work taken from drawings I did while on holidays in the Northern Territory in 2017.  I really must do more road trips as they seem to be the best inspiration for me.  Lots of drawings, done quickly while travelling through the landscape, then taken back to my studio where I can’t be too precious or precise about the details. I enjoy this way of working as it leads to a much looser quality of work, which I prefer.

So, bring on the road trips!






2 responses to “Finalists all around.

  1. Jude

    Congratulations. Great work

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