Art work in photography 

For the last few days I have struggled to get a decent photo of two pieces of art work. Even though I have a reasonably good camera and a phone camera, I never seem to be able to get a high quality image of my work.  With most art competitions relying on online entries and photographs to select the work to exhibit, it has become so important to get that image correct.

This then leads me to wonder if the selectors of numerous art competitions around the country are surprised when they unwrap the delivered art work compared to what was viewed online. I know when I look at art work in photographs and then in reality, sometimes I am disappointed with the end product. Art often looks better on the iPad or computer than they do on a wall. There is also artwork that is far more complex and exciting than its photo reveals.

‘Mt Morgan Dam No 7’ by Joanne Kerr, acrylic and collage on board, 52cm x 118cm

Fortunately I am also entering this painting, ‘Mt Morgan Dam No7.’ into Central Highlands Art Awards 2017 this week and they do not use a selection process for the competition. Which is good news and means the painting will be seen in the Emerald Art Gallery from July 5th until the 18th August 2017.


Cheers Joanne


One response to “Art work in photography 

  1. Good luck with painting, love it. M

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