Blooming wonderful!

'The Wattle Tree' Oil on canvas

‘The Wattle Tree’ acrylic on canvas 85cm x 110cm

When Carmen and I chose to visit Gladstone on Saturday to view  The 41st Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards 2016 and attend the judge’s floor talk, it proved to be a big day out.  With a phone call from the Gladstone art gallery (while in the Gallery) expressing a desire to have Carmen attend the opening night, a sure fire way of knowing that you were in the running for an award of some kind, our day just got longer.

The floor walk by judge, Mr Jason Smith, Director of Geelong Gallery took us through the exhibition, highlighting some works while giving us an insight into his judging criteria.  A wonderful exhibition with a huge array of styles and subject matter and a significant amount of local artists’ art work, this exhibition is well worth a trip to the Gladstone Gallery and Museum for viewing.

We did return for the evenings’ event, along with a huge crowd of supporters. It was a great night and Carmen was slightly nervous about exactly how the evening and the awards would unfold, but delighted to receive the The Christian Thomsen Award in the easel based work section for her painting The Wattle Tree.


“A golden wattle tree in full bloom in my garden, provided the inspiration for this work. I have attempted to capture the sensory overload you feel when you stand under it in a shimmering halo of yellow air.  To this end I have used a restricted palette of yellow and it’s complimentary purple along with white to achieve the full impact of the yellow blossoms.” Carmen’s thoughts on her painting.

Zigzag wattle blooming in the front garden.

Zigzag wattle blooming in the front garden.



2 responses to “Blooming wonderful!

  1. Bravo. That’s a great result.

    Well done.


  2. Katrina drake

    Excellent judgment – the wattle tree is one of my favourites. Congratulations on another well deserved win!

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