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After a very successful Art Workshop in July at Cooee Bay, Central Queensland, with tutors Pat Harry and Roy Oorloff, Carmen and I have tried to knuckle down and get some work done. So it was great to find that we have had some success in the 24th Barcaldine Art Festival.  Browsing through their facebook page, checking out how the opening night went, I discovered I had won the Hangers Choice Award with ‘Layers in the Landscape’.

'Layers in the Landscape' Acrylic on canvas

‘Layers in the Landscape’ Acrylic on canvas

Great I thought. A bit like the Packers Prize at the Archibald without the press coverage perhaps. A nice sum of $100 for my effort.  I was quite pleased that they liked it enough to give it that prize, but scrolling further down, found I had also won the Mixed media section with the same work. Carmen not to be left out, also had a win, that of the Watercolour prize  with her work, ‘Gidgee Remnants’.

These wins give you a real lift and drive to continue on with artwork. The exhibition looks like it went well, with a great facebook page of the event. Thanks to Barcaldine and the people of western Queensland for their continued support of the arts.



'Gidgee Remnants'


2 responses to “Latest news!

  1. Katrina Drake

    Congratulations! Great to see your talents and hard work did not go unrecognised. I do love layers in the landscape.

  2. Thank you. Always good to get feedback, but especially nice when it is positive. Cheers,

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