Paintings that go west!

Paintings sent to competitions and exhibitions don’t always return home. If you are lucky it will be because you have won a prize or sold your work. Always a nice feeling when this happens, but sometimes they don’t return for other less joyful reasons.

Last year I had two paintings hung in the Ernest Henry Memorial Art Contest 2014, Cloncurry Arts Council Inc.  It was with great delight I received a second prize for my art work titled “Twilight” (pictured below). But at the conclusion of the exhibition neither the prize-winning painting or the other work (a  lino cut) were returned back to me in Rockhampton . Many phone calls and emails later trying to locate the two paintings, I was told by the Cloncurry Arts Council Inc that they had left the paintings with a freight  Agency  in Cloncurry for collection. The Agency left the paintings and assumably other parcels waiting for collection on the footpath outside the Agency for the after hours collection. Unfortunately for me the freight company, denied all knowledge of the parcel, stating there was no record of the paintings being consigned. I can only assume someone in Cloncurry now has two of my art works (one a prize winner) on their walls, I only hope they are enjoying them.

"Twilight" Acrylic on canvas

“Twilight” Acrylic on canvas

If we go further west in 2015, and my entry in the ‘John Villers Walzing Matilda Outback Art Show’ Winton, where to my delight I had a diptych (two paintings as one, pictured below) selected for hanging.  The painting titled ‘Textured Outback’ was only recently completed and had never been exhibited elsewhere.  Due to the tragic fire at the historic Walzing Matilda Centre last month, my paintings will now be charcoal.  I am sure many artists will also have lost work along with much of the centre’s museum.

Textured Outback 1 Collage mixed media (part of a diptych)

Textured Outback 1
Collage mixed media (part of a diptych)

Textured Outback 2 Collage mixed media (part of a diptych)

Textured Outback 2
Collage mixed media (part of a diptych)









So the moral of my post is, beware of things going west!



4 responses to “Paintings that go west!

  1. Katrina Drake

    Carmen, very sorry to hear about your lost art works.

    That no doubt explains the origin of the term ‘Gone West’, often heard describing lost property. Similar to ‘heading North’ describing loss of value in the property or share market.

    Try not to be too distressed about your lost painting. One day someone will make the documentary – the lost works of Carmen Beezley-Drake, I am sure it will be quiet a mystery thriller…. along the longs of the hunt for the lost ‘Amber Room’ , or the disappearance of the “Scream’.

    In the mean time, I am sure someone will be enjoying the guilty pleasure of “Twilight”. It may even have changed hands several times by now, and the new owner may not even realise its sordid history.

    Ah…. the mysteries and intrigues of the art world. I am sure you have already started working on their replacements.

  2. Sorry that you lost your paintings in the fire – they were lovely paintings. Going west doesn’t seem such a good idea!

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