Art camp!

It has been quite a while since my last post. Not sure this is a good thing or bad, Carmen and I have both been busy with our art and life in general tends to rush by. But needed to post about our great 11 days at Cooee Bay Art workshop on the Capricorn Coast. This is an art workshop that has been taking place for 35 years with many of our leading Australian artists tutoring along side Bela Ivani the founding tutor.  While  Carmen has been in attendance from the beginning, missing only a few over the years, this was my first time.  With Bela Ivani unable to attend due to illness, we had David Fairbairn (Sydney artist and Dobell Prize winner) along with Terry O’Donnell (a fellow Sydney artist) in attendance.  The workshop centred on portraiture and figure work and working predominately with drawing materials. Four days starting into

Carmen with her work

Carmen with her work

Joanne with her work.

Joanne with her work.

a mirror as we worked on self portraits certainly was more than I like looking at them. With about 30 other artists from around Australia, it was a great learning experience. The tutors setup great learning experiences, with plenty of feedback and motivating chats discussing artists and art that related to work that was being done.

Was also a lovely time to spend with my mum doing what we both enjoyed. Some of the time it was frustrating but always fun with a very friendly and supportive group of artists. We just have to keep the momentum rolling now.



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