Art in progress

Birds in the nest

Birds in the nest

Usually after an exhibition I take time out with gardening, reading and catching up on odd jobs, but after Joanne and my exhibition ‘Different Horizons’ at the Watler Reid Building in Rockhampton, I went back with Joanne to Brisbane. During this lovely break, we did the rounds of galleries, saw the movie Satellite Boy (was very good) and met up with artist Mervyn Moriarty who was my first art tutor with Flying Art School. We also went to see the stage production War Horse, that was excellent. I also am having my Ian Fairweather little drawing stabilised to protect it. I have not had it valued but want to preserve it. The Queensland Art Gallery could ‘almost guarantee’ it as a Fairweather

Returning to Rockhampton, I find the art group that I belong to, The Central Queensland Contemporary Artists,  who are tenants of Walter Reid Cultural Centre in Rockhampton (CQCA) in a flurry of creativity. The Articulate Regional Arts & Culture Conference will be on in last weeks of August and all art tenants are collaborating to make a ’tree of life’ which will extend through the three floors.  CQCA are on the top floor and have the upper branches. They are contributing to the installation with the making of birds, bats, bees’ nests and leaves, all from recycled items. Hence the room is a sea of plastic bottles, boxes, papers and all manner of things. I have thrown myself into the project, while also organising an exhibition for CQCA in September so no time to slow down.

Will keep you posted on the finished installation.


Creating a tree root from recycled materials.

Creating a tree root from recycled materials.


3 responses to “Art in progress

  1. Katrina drake

    Wow! Busy and creative times !

  2. Looks like I created that all on my own!

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