Frogs and rain

With the rain pouring down care of Cyclone Oswald, the collagraph I am working on seems quite appropriate.   (A collagraph is where textural materials like string, sand, card and paper are glued to a plate of heavy card and then printed through the press.  Sort of similar to how a rubbing is done.)  I really like the textural feel of the plate with this print medium and look for quirky bits and pieces to use as textures and content. Several months ago I found a completely flattened frog and adhered it to a board, then several weeks later I was handed another flattened frog which I also added to the board. When I had almost finished the collagraph along came a third frog that was added to the image.

I am now in the process of printing, but as yet I am not happy with the results.

Enjoying the rain and the croaking frogs,


Frog collagraph plate blog no 4

Collagraph plate with frogs.

Frog collagraph blog no 4

Close up detail of print. Needs more ink, this is only at proof stage.

Final collagraph blog no 4

Artist’s proof of collagraph so far.


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